If you have determined that Sex and Love Addiction is indeed a force in your life and you are ready to
do something about it, then we offer the following suggestions to help you get started.

How to Get Started in S.L.A.A.

  1. Attend S.L.A.A. meetings regularly. Go to as many as you can.
  2. It’s a good idea to have some phone numbers of sober members of S.L.A.A. before you leave
    the meeting. You may want to get a new phone number at every meeting you attend. If a phone list is not available, ask individual members whether they are willing to receive calls.
  3. Get a sponsor or talk to an S.L.A.A. person on a daily basis for your withdrawal period.
  4. Define your bottom line behavior.
  5. Work the Steps.
  6. Don’t act out – just for today, this hour, this moment – no matter what! IT WILL PASS.
  7. Ask for help on a daily basis:
    • Set aside a time of prayer each morning and ask “Help me to stay away from ________
      for today.”
    • Set aside a time of thanks each night and express gratitude for the help received by
      saying “Thank you.”
  8. Join a group. Many of us go to a lot of meetings and feel that we can share at each at each meeting. It is important that we officially join one group where we have a commitment to attend and will be missed if we don’t.
  9. Get active in your group and in S.L.A.A.
  10. Become open to the collective wisdom of the group. Through participation in S.L.A.A., we
    learn new ways to reduce alienation and isolation from others and to set healthier boundaries.
  11. Read the literature. Keep a journal. Share your feelings.
  12. Keep Coming Back — It Works!

©1985 The Augustine Fellowship, S.L.A.A., Fellowship-Wide Services, Inc.
Excerpt from Suggestions for Newcomers