“An Intergroup is a regional service center made up of representatives from local S.L.A.A. Groups. The combined resources of several groups in an Intergroup provide effective and widespread outreach to those seeking help for sex and love addiction.”

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Excerpt from What is an S.L.A.A. Intergroup

Who or what is the Central Arizona Intergroup?

We are a co-operative of all the meetings in central Arizona. Our purpose is to help each other, and the meetings we represent, by sharing resources and ideas. We find that by working together we are able to do more things for our meetings then we ever could alone.

We are not in any way shape or form a governing body. We are accountable to the meetings we represent and to each other. We are guided by The Twelve Traditions of S.L.A.A. and abide in any decisions or requests made to us from the meetings we represent.

A few things about Intergroup:

  • Our goal is to have a representative from every meeting in attendance.
  • All Intergroup meetings are open to S.L.A.A. members.

As an Intergroup we have several on going obligations:

  • Maintaining a mutual website for our fellowships in the Phoenix and Northern Arizona area.
  • Providing a phone line for people to reach out for inquiries and information.

Future Plans:

This website is being supported only by online donations from local S.L.A.A. members. Please donate to help.

Once we have a current Intergroup up and running, we would like to organize and support local fundraisers, workshops, and events.

Our Next Meeting:

We are do not have a next scheduled meeting at this time, as our Intergroup members have disbanded. We would like to organize an Intergroup that meets monthly or quarterly to connect the fellowships of Phoenix and Northern Arizona.

Contact us if you are interested in participating, would like to ask a question, provide feedback, or offer suggestions.